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What are the primary differences between the Caofen F80
Sport & Off-Road models?

The F80 Street model is optimized for urban road riding, featuring road tires and a low ground clearance for stability. The F80 Off-Road model is designed for rugged terrains, featuring off-road tires, increased ground clearance, and enhanced suspension for challenging conditions.

How long does it take to charge the Caofen F80?

It depends on the remaining battery level, but even when charging from almost 0%, it will be fully charged in about 3 hours. It will automatically stop after being fully charged, but please remove the charger from the main unit as soon as possible.

Can I use the F80 Street model
for Off-Road adventures?


While the F80 Street model is designed for urban and paved road riding, it's not optimized for off-road terrains. If you're looking to explore rugged trails and challenging landscapes, the F80 Off-Road model is the ideal choice with its specialized features for off-road performance.

Is there a significant difference
in torque between the
Off-Road & Street models?

Yes, the F80 Off-Road model boasts a substantial 310Nm torque output, making it ideal for navigating demanding off-road conditions. However, the F80 Street models still offers ample torque of 260Nm for dynamic urban rides.

How does the suspension differ between the Off-Road
& Sport models?

The suspension on the F80 Road model is tuned for pavement and gravel, ensuring a balanced and comfortable ride on both surfaces. The F80

Off-Road model boasts enhanced suspension specifically designed to handle the challenges of mountain trails and off-road conditions.

Are there differences in motor power between the
& Sport models?

Both the F80 Street and Off-Road model feature powerful motors. However, the F80 Off-Road model comes equipped with an extra robust and powerful motor to tackle the demands of off-road riding.

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