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About Us

Caofen USA is the US Distributor for Caofen Electric Motorcycles

Based in Southern California, the CEO and President of Caofen USA, John Calicchio, has over 50 years of motorcycle riding, racing, design & engineering experience, and fully recognizes Caofen F80 motorcycles as cutting edge, state-of-the-art, high-quality manufactured machines. 


The Caofen F80 e-Motorcycle delivers a unique, thrilling, riding, experience. With its powerful electric motor, silky smooth acceleration and responsive handling, riders can enjoy serious dirt biking, daily commuting, or just plain fun cruising along back country roads. The F80’s "Patented Battery Technology" ensures safe, long-lasting battery life, with riders going the distance. F80's sleek modern design not only attracts attention, but also provides an aerodynamic style, further enhancing the riding experience. 

Come join Team Caofen and Embrace the Thrill ~

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